The Search for the Healthiest Herbal Tea

Herbal tea provides a wealth of benefits for the steeper. Many people debate what is actually the best herbal tea for health.

Well there are very good herbal teas, but the best herbal tea for health is beetroot tea. Most teas will not be primarily beetroot, but instead have it added. Besides adding a red hue to the cup, beetroot is the new buzzed juice to drink.

The reason the tea is so beneficial is because beetroot is rich in folate and manganese. It also can help prevent heart disease due to betaines, which combat levels of homocysteine, an amino acid byproduct that attacks the blood vessels.

There are many gourmet tea companies that add healthy levels of beetroot to some of their teas. This might be a good starting point for a savvy consumer that wants to get the most health benefits from their drink. So raise a glass that is high in beetroot for heart health and necessary vitamins and minerals that the body needs.